Rocky Lake Junior High

Week At A Glance January 11 - 15, 2021

Rocky Lake Junior High
Week at Glance
January 11-15, 2021
Welcome back!

Happy New Year to all! We’re so happy to get your children back in the fold on Monday:)  Staff have been engaged all week in professional development focused primarily on Student Centered Learning. We’ve also spent much of our time learning about anti-black racism and exploring ways to more systematically and through daily practice support all marginalized/underserved students.
SAC Meeting – 6:00 January 18th, 2021
(Zoom invite will be emailed soon to our council members)

We have a few extra items if you are interested in purchasing please contact the main office at 902-832-8952 ext 0.  We only do 1 order per year so don’t miss out if you are interested.
Black Marle Pullover Hoody $35
Men’s sizing:
Small – 1 available
Medium – 1 available
Large – 1 available
XL- 2 available
Navy Pullover Hoody $35
Ladies sizing:
Small – 1 available
Men’s sizing:
Small – 1 available
Medium – 1 available
XL – 1 available
Men’s XL Zip up – 1 available $45

Dollar a Day Challenge (RLJH Changemakers)
Instagram - rljh_changemaker_club
For anyone interested in joining the RLJH Changemakers club, we meet virtually after school on Google Meet. Our classroom code is er2h2s2.

Did you know that 1 in 5 children who need mental health services receive them?

The RLJH Changemakers club is issuing a challenge to each homeroom at Rocky Lake Junior High. What is the Dollar a Day Challenge?  Each homeroom is encouraged to collectively gather one dollar each day for the next three weeks (the month of January). The goal is each homeroom (all 32) will collect a minimum of 15 dollars total over the three week challenge. Our school goal is 480 dollars which will be donated to the Dollar a Day Foundation (Landing Strong, Windsor, NS). The class with the largest donation amount will win the Changemaker Dollar a Day Award. Thank you all in advance for your support.

The following is a link to the organization:
Dollar A Day – Share The Change For Mental Health (
Ordinary Day - Canadian Physicians Virtual Choir - YouTube

Protocols are more important than ever!
Protocols such as mask wearing, physical distancing (indoors and outdoors) are clearly stated by the Chief Medical Officer of NS, Dr. Strang, to be mandatory for all students, with the exception of those few who are exempt due to medical reasons.
We are as supportive and flexible as possible, but with the significant rise in New Brunswick Covid-19 cases, and continued cases in our Central Zone, we must enforce these protocols strictly in order to keep everyone as safe as possible while attending school.
Please make sure your child has a clean mask to wear to school every day and a back up in their backpack. We appreciate your cooperation with this to ensure all students and staff remain safe at school while following provincial pandemic guidelines. Please note, plastic masks, buffs/neck warmers are not acceptable alternatives to non-medical masks that have ties, or ear loops.
Student pick up throughout the day:
Please continue to honor the pandemic guidelines for access to schools. You can call the school to pick up your student once you arrive at the school. Students will be called from their classrooms once you do arrive. Please call 902-832-8952 ext 0. Please do not text your child to come to you, rather call the office to facilitate safe comings and goings:) If you do not have a phone please ring the buzzer to the left of the main entry doors and let us know you’ve arrived.
Students forgetting items at home – Please do not bring items to the school that your students may have forgotten. We have snacks if they forgot lunch, paper if they have forgotten binders, etc. :)
Cafeteria - Lunch services resume on Monday, January 11th, 2021:)
Don’t forget to DRESS FOR THE WEATHER!

Hope you all have an awesome weekend!